Elizabeth Arden Debenhams Free Gift Review

Recently I popped into Debenhams to treat myself after a long week of hardcore university studying. I was browsing around the beauty counters when I noticed abeautiful orange box which seemed to be glowing at me! It was like the heavensopened and the sound of the angels was magnified in my mind!

So...I glanced at it for a while and then decided to ignore it after I realisedthere was no staff member who seemed willing to help me, and there wasn'tenough visible information surrounding the box. It was only after my fianc√©epointed out the box again that I wondered back on over and finally someone cameto serve me. The woman explained that the box and its contents included avariety of samples from the Elizabeth Arden range. It turned out the box andits contents was a free gift which could be obtained by purchasing two productsfrom the Elizabeth Arden range, one of which had to be from their skincareline. The samples in the box included: 

Afull size (125ml) Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing ExfoliatingCleanser 
Whichretails at around £17.00

Asmall sample (5ml) Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum 
Whichretails for its standard size (50ml) at around £160.00
Andeight standard size capsules of the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules
Whichretail for thirty standard size capsules at around £37.00

Makingthe box value around £42.00 in samples.
Andmaking it tempting enough for me to buy!

Theproducts I chose to purchase to gain the box were:

TheElizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Toner (200ml)
Whichset me back £17.00


TheElizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydration Boost Night Mask (75ml)
Whichset me back a further £22.00

Idecided on these items because I wanted to go all out for skincare. I haverecently become more partial to the benefits of toners, and wanted to use thetoner alongside the sample cleanser in the box. I chose the face mask becausemy skin is quite dry and after trying the product on my hand in the store Ifelt it was both hydrating and invigorating. The latter because it has a rathermenthol element to it. Either way, I was happy with my purchases and was even happierto be handed the gorgeous orange box. (Which may I add would've been better ifthe women had learnt how to tie a bow!)

Anyway,I have since tested out all the products. And i have fallen in love, especiallywith the night mask and the capsules.

Ona pamper evening, after or during a long soak in the bath I apply the mask to aclean face. I then leave it on for around ten minutes, or until its completelydried and the menthol feeling has faded. When I take it off my face is blessedwith born again skin. It is so soft, lasting for at least a few days and feelsa lot suppler. 
YesI know this isn't included in the free gift! BUT one of the products you haveto buy to be eligible for the box has to be from their skincare range! So I seethis as an additional luxury and you cannot falter by buying this. It’sdefinitely suitable for all skin types, all skin needs hydrating and this maskis perfect to do just that. The mask is packaged into a sleek looking tubemaking it is easier to apply. I tend to find masks in a pot to be a littlefiddly if you're applying it with wet hands in the bath or shower, so this isperfect. The mask itself is quick drying, and it says only to keep it on foraround the ten minute mark. Meaning that when I want to freshen up it doesn'thave to take all day! You could apply this as you get in the bath and wash itoff on your way out. The same obviously could be said with a shower! Its aquick easy way to achieve fresh and effortless skin. 

Nowthen onto my other favourite! The capsules! These capsules contain a serum. Thepackaging in the box is in a cardboard sachet, but the retail product comes ina savvy clear tub. The capsules themselves look like pure luxury, shining goldthey are almost too good to snap and squish! I tend to use these after themasking stage, again on a pamper night. You can however, use them daily, andyou can also use half a capsule (although storing the capsule half empty seemsa bit tricky so consider using a pot to decant the liquid into if you opt forthis route.) You simply twist the nib of the capsule and it opens. I apply itall over my face and neck after rinsing off the mask and letting my skin airdry (well with a few initial dabs with the towel, I don't want to walk aroundthe house dripping!). It does feel greasy when you first put it on, and I mustadmit it smells undeniably like chip fat, but its benefits far outweigh thesetrivial matters! 

Afterabout 20 seconds it really soaks into your skin. I tend to wait for a fewminutes until the residue has entirely soaked into my skin before applying mynormal Nivea night moisturiser (as I tend to do these pamper sessionsin the evening). Instantly my skin looks a lot healthier, and the combinationof the mask and the capsules means the next day and even the following days myskin remains beautifully soft. I have only had to use a capsule twice torestore the same glow to my skin and I have had the box for about four weeks. 

Admittedly,I have been maintaining this glow but using a pump of the prevage serum. I usethis product before applying night moisturiser on nights I have used anothermask, such as a standard Superdrug one or one of the one's I bought in H and M.These masks are by no means as luxurious as the Elizabeth Arden one but to keepmy skin feeling fresh I try to use one every week or so. Putting the prevageserum on after these masks and before my night cream seems to fill the void ofusing a capsule. This helps me ration my capsule sample for my more luxuriouspamper evenings. Although for me it is by no means equal to the capsules, itstill benefits my skin. One squirt of the pump creates a pea size amount of abright yellow serum. It’s a much thicker formula but it spreads well and easilycovers my entire face. Although it is not face changing, the sample is still agreat contribution to the box. Perhaps because it is predominantly ananti-aging serum I can't see as many benefits. However, I'm sure if I used therecommended double daily pump results would be more visible. However, with only5ml at my disposal I think using it as part of my generic pamper evenings ismore fitting. Although I wouldn't repurchase the item, its retail price isenough to suggest its positives! 

Iwill definitely be repurchasing both the mask and the serum, although at thisrate it won't be for a few months. The other products (the cleanser and toner)however, I'm still in the process of deciding on. I will post an update in the futuredeliberating on them, but for now my opinion will be reserved.

Ibelieve the Elizabeth Arden range has similar free gift offers across allbeauty stores in the UK, Boots, House of Fraser, and Debenhams. Yet I believethe free gift contents vary from store to store. But it is definitely a greatvalue investment if you have some spare cash and fancy treating yourself!

Ifyou have any more questions feel free to ask! But I couldn't recommend theseproducts enough, especially if you have normal/dry skin like I do. Theseproducts are the perfect pair for a luxury pamper evening!