Glossybox vs Birchbox #May13

Receiving beauty boxes each month is like having a mini Christmas. I love the concept, I love the cost, and I love the surprise. But which box do I love more?

Having been a beauty box subscriber since their beginning I have seen their brands grow, their ideas blossom and the hype surrounding them get bigger and bigger. Yet, until now I have found no reason to weigh in on the subject and just sat back and happily received my packages each month.

However, things seem to be changing. I currently have a subscription to both the UK Glossybox, and UK Birchbox. The former is a little better established and more widely discussed in the blogger world, but the latter has definitely been causing a stir since the company relaunched as ‘Birchbox’ (originally ‘joliebox’).
And what I mean when I say things seem to be changing is that I am starting to feel that each month brings one glorious box, and another disappointing one. This is not however to be said of one box or the other entirely. It seems that each month I am almost alternating my favour between the boxes. And this month is just the same.

May’s Glossy Box also happen to be their ‘birthday box’ marking their two year anniversary, and birch box had a ‘red carpet’ theme which meant including items to be ready for your red carpet moment. Obviously then I had high hopes for both boxes.

So what was in my Glossybox?!

The first thing I noticed was six items, rather than their usual five.

Nail varnish is almost a staple in my glossy box and this month I received a purple laced taupe colour from the brand Headline Colours. The colour was lovely, and as a full size product it’s a great addition to my collection.

Second, was a large product sample of Fairy Lashes Mascara from Jelly Pong Pong. The packaging was adorable and the product size was generous, but the actual product made my lashes crispy and definitely not something I’d have included as part of their birthday box.

Next, was a tiny clear pot which contained a sample of a primer by Beautiful Movements Cosmetics. Personally, I love using a primer so the sample is welcome and will get put to good use. However, the packaging was cheap and unappealing.

Another item I was disappointed with was the Rodger and Gallet double sachet and perfume sample. The scent was divine, but there is something about sachets that just don’t appeal to me, you can’t swatch them before you use them and when you do finally crack them open they are awkward to use.

The largest item I got was the Paul Mitchell shine spray. A full size sample it is a great addition to the box.

Finally, Glossybox included a bonus gift. You can’t get much better than small matchbox style nail files, they are adorable and went straight into my handbag.

Overall, this box was rather hit and miss. Considering it was their birthday box I was expecting greater things, bigger sample sizes and products from brands their customers love.
Verdict?   5/10

So what treats did my Birchbox bring?

Again, nail polish seems to be a staple for the beauty boxes, and I received a sheer baby pink colour from OPI. However, the size was miniature and although useful for my handbag, even if I fell in love with it I wouldn’t know the shade as it doesn’t say!

Second I received a generous sample of the Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator. The packaging was cute, and 30ml means I can use this several times, so I can truly make up my mind about it.

Next the B/Attitude Body Soufflé in another generous size 50ml. The formula is rich and the scent is invigorating. I really love this product, and the sample will last me a good while, the oriental packaging meant it was the first thing to catch my eye.

A beauty brand I haven’t heard of before ‘make believe’ was included in may’s box. Their bronzer is a definite dupe for NARS Laguna, and Birchbox included a full size sample, which came with a cute little brush.

I also had two sachets of the Doctor Duve eye cream, which retails at over a hundred pound. Obviously, I won’t be going out to repurchase this, especially as its anti-aging and I am yet to invest in anti-aging products. However, although a generic sachet hater, including two sachets of this felt like I was giving my eyes a Christmas present!

Finally, included in May’s box was a generous size sample of Kusmi Detox Tea which is a great addition. I love when beauty boxes think outside the box, and this is just that! Promoting beauty inside and out, and was great in line with their red carpet theme.

Overall, this box is a huge hit. I think for the £12.95 a month with P & P the product sizes here were not just overwhelming in value but also great in quality. I love beauty boxes as I love trying new products, and the products included in May's box were all things I would use and appreciate.
The verdict?   9/10

The winner!

The resounding winner in my humble opinion is Birchbox. 
This month, their product size, quality and packaging just outdid everything included in May's Glossybox. I was especially disappointed with Glossybox. Considering it was their birthday, I expected a lot more. But Birchbox took may in the same way Glossybox had taken April! I just wait for the month when once again both boxes are filled with beauty treasures! Until then, let the battle commence.
I wonder what next month has in stall for us! Do you prefer one box? Have you given up on another? Am I right in thinking Birchbox took the gold? Do let me know, and follow to find out what Junes beauty battle will bring!