Three years with Moroccan Oil | Worth the Hype?

I have lived and used Moroccan oil for the past three years, so I thought I’d share my experience with the product!

What is Moroccan Oil you ask?
Aside from this being the title of the brand. The actual treatment ‘Moroccan Oil’ is (obviously) an oil treatment which is used for hair. It provides proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins and used antioxidants for protection. The company advertise its benefits as being nourishing, residue-free for conditioning and as a finishing tool. It also claims to speed up drying time and create a shine.

How do you use it?
The treatment in its standard size 200ml or half size 100ml comes in a bottle provided with a pump.

 Using the product produced by one pump (although you can increase depending on hair length), you first spread the product evenly over your fingertips ready for application. Then you apply it firstly along the lower section and ends of your hair, working your way up to your roots. This can be done on dry hair but it is designed and recommended to be applied to damp hair.
You then blowdry or style as normal.

The benefits!
It provides a noticeable shine and strength to the hair. It leaves it feeling soft even when your hair severely damaged (I should know, bleaching my hair seven times in one day and having my hair fall out and snap off..). It also appears visibly smooth and split ends and frizz are less visible. My hair has always been thin anyway, and this product always makes it feel fuller without adding weight to your hair.
The smell
The smell I personally adore. My mum got this product before me, so it does and always will remind me of her! But the fragrance is a kind of nutty, coconut, caramel, herby infused scent and many people throughout the years have commented (positively!) to me on its unique fragrance.
Everything that Moroccan Oil claims to do it delivers! The smell is perceived online as a kind of marmite relationship (you either love it for you hate it). But I personally love it! I admittedly cannot live without this product. It gradually improved the quality of my hair, and it also maintains it! My hair is notably different on days that I'm in a rush and forget to use the product, it is thinner, duller, and weaker. It is a Holy Grail item for me and I shall continue no doubt to use it for many (if not all) the years I have to come.

The price tag!
You can pick up the half size bottle on Feel Unique for £30.45
I am lucky enough that my dad’s friend has this stocked at his warehouse so I’m able to pick up a 200ml bottle. If you do ever stumble upon this size it is definitely worth the doubled price tag as I had ONE bottle last me from December of 2009 to May 2013. That’s three years and then some!
The benefits do outweigh the cost, and the amount of use you get out of the bottle is phenomenal and I do tend to go a little overboard sometimes!

The verdict – worth the hype?
This is a treatment that you can invest in not only to help resolve many issues, but also provide a long term aid that you know you can always go back to. I personally believe that if you have dry and/or thin hair, or any sort of damaged hair this should be a hair staple.
It is definitely worth the hype, and I've been using this since 2009.