Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Nothing says I love you, or be it 'I love me' better than a nice long soak in the sweet scented delights of Lush's valentines range. Whether you're being spoiled by someone else or wish to spoil yourself, this collection is the one stop shop for liquid love.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar £3.25 each: Has everything today been heavy and brown? Then soak in this uni-horn and you'll ride about town!
Lonely Heart Bubble Bar £3.50 each: Lonely night in? Wrap yourself in this liquid blanket and you'll be glad of some alone time.
Love Locket Bath Bomb £6.95 each: The key to every girls heart… Gently break this one in half and you'll find a small bath bomb inside. Choose to make the remains; three baths, two soaks or one true valentine's indulgence.
Heart Throb Bubble Bar £3.65 each: Heart pounding? Palpitations? Whether that's pre-date nerves or post-date excitement this is the only heart throb that is sure to calm you down.
Prince Charming Shower Gel £9.50 / 250g: The sweetest smelling scent since snow fairy.. You'll have your Prince Charming yearning to be at your side.
Cupids Love Hand and Body Soap £4.25 / 100g: Fig scented and adorable, what more can you ask for?

Which one will you be reaching for this year?