New In | Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara

I must admit if I'm going to the drugstore and there is a new mascara available generally speaking I'll pick it up whether it was on my shopping list or not. This bad boy was no exception. I don't know what it is about drugstore mascara's - well other than the fact they're always reasonably priced, have eye-catching packaging, and well I suppose I'm just a sucker for a good slogan. Anyway, when I came across this baby all I was hearing is 'lash multiplying' effect, and inevitably it ended up with me at the till.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara £5.99 introductory offer until 17/02/2015 then £7.99 standard

I've not too much to comment on with regards to the packaging. I like the font on the bottle but the rest is you're kind of traditional maybelline-esque type bullet. It's rather a wet formula, which I tend to steer clear of generally, so I'm hoping that it 'ages' dryly but that's personal preference. Aside from that the shade is described as 'very black' and it definitely lived up to it. The wand itself is very interesting, and it was one of the reasons I picked it up as I don't believe I've used one even remotely similar before. The packaging instructs that you use the shorter bristles of the wand initially at the root of your lashes and then follow through with the longer bristles on the tips and I can say it's definitely easy enough to manage.. Although try not to be too heavy handed initially or things might get a little on the clumpy side.

So did I achieve the 'lash multiplying' effect?

Honestly, I'd say not quite. But this mascara has its work cut out for it as I'm a few lashes short due to several mishaps of late, but it definitely worked with what I had to offer.

I'd only note that I'd avoid this one if you're looking for volume as it doesn't give much. But lengthening is what I need so if that's what you're after then are you waiting for? If it works on my lash stubs it'll definitely do the trick on a full set!

I'll definitely keep using it, but I'm not sure whether it's going to make the swear by list yet.

Have you tried it? What were your thoughts?