TEN THINGS | That every woman thinks about before a job interview.

1. It only took three weeks, five hundred CV's and a whole lot of sass.. but I got myself a job interview!

2. SHIT! If I get this job then I actually have to work...

3. AND my interview is on Monday! I can wave goodbye to my weekend then.

4. However, the interview confirmation email does state 'professional dress is appropriate', its written there in black and white. What's a girl gonna do?

5. Right I need to complete the application form.. 'Section 7: What are your interests?' Do you think chocolate, wine and netflix count?

6. *Google's most common interview questions* Question 1: 'Why do you want to work for [insert company name here]'?

7. Question 2: Prepare a question to ask your interviewer.

8. Right this is it... I'm prepared, I'm ready, lets go!

9. *Walks around city centre aimlessly* SHIT! What was the company called again?

10. Ok, I have arrived! Hmm, I wonder what my interviewer will be like, you don't think by any chance..?