The Right Pink | Mac Soar Lip Liner

I think it's best we start by covering the facts…

Fact One: The beauty industry is full of pink, and everyone and their dog seem to include various shades of pink in amongst their holy grail items; be it in the form of a blush, lip stick/gloss, eye shadow or nail polish.

Which leads us to Fact Two: I have never liked pink.

Now when I say that I don't like pink, I truly mean everything pink, no true Barbie pink, no pale baby pink's, no blue toned or red toned, no any other shade in your head toned.. I mean none. No pink whatsoever. Now I'm not hating on you pink lovers, in fact I envy your ability to pull it off. I have wanted to use pink, and I have tried to wear pink but something inside me always felt like it was just wrong…

Enter the game changer..

MAC's Soar Lip Liner £12.50

Yes we all know this is Kylie Jenner's lip shade of choice. The hype surrounding it and all other shades like it have been the feature of extensive media coverage and countless posts in my bloglovin' feed ever since her infamous instagram shot. But if it hadn't been for the hype I don't think I'd have ever found it, let alone owned it.

I have finally found my pink.

So tell me, what's yours?